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November 27, 2006

English Website Open!

We've worked mainly in Japan, but we got to know meny people in various country. So we needed to make English website and to make our stage broadend in the world. Now, this website is open.

But, parts of the website are yet to be made... We are making the remainds. Please, wait for a while.

We'd be happy if you send us your advice and opinion about our website and Citizenship Education. We're looking foward to getting along with you. Thank you.

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November 17, 2006

Visits to the Diet and Committees


 I visited the House of Councillors "Sangiin",which is the upper house of the National Diet of Japan ,with graduate students of a course of Public Manegement in Waseda University.

 We simulated to disscuss and pass the bill about giving 18 year-old people the right to vote, in the mock comittiee and prenary session. 

 After that, we went for a tour of Diet building, and listend to the explanation of the Diet.



 We're planning to study the process of legislation and how to make it. Finally, we'll presents our bills and discuss together.

Based on the study, I'd like to make learning program of legislation for pupils in schools.

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