This homepage's catchphrase is "Let's create our civil society". Let's think how to develop our cities, our country,and how to cultivate people.

What is
What we are doing?

about the Network for promoting Citizenship Education-
1.Our Vision
To develop pupils and adults into active citizens, so that they will acquire knowledge, skills and values needed for their understanding the nature of participative democracy and acting in the society.

2.Our Mission
We'll promote to make "scene","network"and "contents" for developing their citizenship so as to attain our vision as stated above.

3.Activities of the gNetwork for promoting Citizenship Educationh

1. The training of a facilitator
At present, we are training a facilitator in citizenship activities through workshops that are looking at the improvement of society and the environment, and working towards international understanding, social welfare and social interdependence, etc. We are also building up networks between teachers, facilitators, citizenship lectures and animators.

2. Collecting and disseminating knowledge and information about citizenship
We are doing research on advanced cases of citizenship activities, and disseminating the research across Japan via our website and newsletters. We are also organizing symposiums, and making a database of visiting lectures of citizenship education for schools.

3. School support and development of lifelong learning for citizenship education
We are sending citizenship lectures to primary and secondary schools to support their citizenship education. We are also holding weekend lectures for people to study citizenship. These activities are expected to be used for adult education, and as a result of these activities, social networks will be expanded.

4. Our function as a think tank
We are doing research and development on curriculum and textbook production which will be suitable for citizenship education in Japan. We are also working with academics, policy makers and legislators to create opportunities for people to study citizenship.
People from a variety of fields, such as citizens, politicians, educators, several business professions are participating in the study.